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Decal Uses - Part 2

by Team Car Stickers Decals

    Here are a couple of other great ideas that you can use decals for. Out of all the places in your house the two toughest places to spice up are your bathroom and your kitchen. We now have decals to make it a whole lot easier.


    Plain white toilets are super boring for a bathroom and make a bathroom much to serious. Now you can place decals on them to make it much more delighting. we have things from bombs going off to i- poop. If you have an idea in mind, we can also make a custom design for you. Not only does decals make your bathroom more entertaining but, it also does it affordably.

Image result for toilet decals        

    Now a kitchen has something really plain as well, the refrigerator. I mean that is what makes your kitchen just go boring. We can custom design your choice of decals so it fits perfectly with your refrigerator. You don't have to worry about trying to fit each little line on it separately, because we make it come in as much as 2-3 pieces. depending on the size you want the decal. You now have two more ideas to make your house much more bright and exciting.

Image result for refrigerator decals

Decal Uses - Part 1

by Team Car Stickers Decals

Have you pondered if decals can be applied to things other than your vehicles? As a matter of fact, they can be applied to just about any hard surface. Here we will give you a few ideas as to what all you can put our decals on.

    You know already that they can be placed on car windows but, how about other glass surfaces such as jars and house windows can have decals on them. Phone cases can get boring now and then. So instead of spending tons of cash on a new one, just buy a plain case and decorate with your choice of decals. When finished take them off and get some new ones. Feel like your walls look plain? We can fix it with wall art decals. If you are concerned about taking it off will damage your wall, worry no more. It will look just as it was before.


      I have even applied them to my finger nails. If you would like to try this you will need a few tips. The first thing is to add a basic base coat. You then need to let it dry so that you may apply your desired design. Place the decal using tweezers for an easier application. Last, apply a clear coat for a longer result. The last step is optional however, is prefered. After these steps are completed, your nails will now look marvelous without having to waste hours of your time trying to hand paint them. Most of the things the decals are placed on, only have to use the basic steps shown for you on the website. If you would like to see how decals look on the ideas listed above, go to our Facebook page to see not just these but many ideas other people have used our decals for.


Calling all bloggers

by Team Car Stickers Decals

We are inviting all bloggers to write articles about us and earn FREE Car Stickers Decals merchandise.  If you have your own website and blog we invite you to write an article about us. In return you will earn FREE merchandise from Car Stickers Decals.  Just use the contact us page and let us know your interested and we'll work out some great deals for you.

Dress Up your Mailbox

by Team Car Stickers Decals

Here's another great idea for our vinyl stickers and decals. Add some cool style to your mailbox.  We can help you turn that boring mailbox into something unique. Be the center of attention in your neighborhood and the envy of all your neighbors. Give us a call and we can help you created the perfect set of graphics to set you apart from the rest. We can do everything from the address numbers, family name and cool graphic.

Flyfishing Mailbox  Smith Mailbox


Car Stickers Decals Goes Responsive..

by Team Car Stickers Decals

We have finally launched our new responsive website. We have a new trademarked logo and a much faster sever for browsing our site. We are now completely mobile friendly. Google officially released that all websites needed to be mobile by mid 2015. (Google's Press Release) We made it. This has been months in workings with countless hours vested.. Please take some time and poke around.. Let us know if you find any issues..


Car Stickers Decals converts to a fully secured website.

by Team Car Stickers Decals

We have taken on the challenge of migrating over to a completely secure website. This has taken quite some time and work to implement but we have finally gotten it done. As you will see our site is entirely secure. You will see the https:// in your address bar as well as seeing the green padlock. We have taken this measure to ensure all our customers the safest shopping experiance on our site. Just as if a department store added armed security and full cameras.

Now you can be sure you data is safe and secure with us.

Car Stickers Decals Signs with DigiCert

by Team Car Stickers Decals

Car Stickers Decals has just purchased and signed with DigiCert for an EV SSL. This ensures our customers the safest and most secure shopping experience. With 2048-bit, next generation encryption we guarantee you our customer that all your personal data is safe and secure. Obtaining this Extended Verification Certificate requires a rigorous validation performed by DigiCert, a registered Certificate Authority (CA). This is required to ensure that Car Stickers Decals website meets Extended Validation standards.

These strict validation guidelines help keep the green address bar associated with only trusted organizations (ie. PayPal, Amazon, etc.) to maintain the highest level of security and trust with our customers. Car Stickers Decals holds a website identity assurance warranty of $1,000,000. This means that you are insured for up to $1,000,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site. You can be assured that all your interactions with our website is safe and secure. At any point you see the DigiCert Seal shown below you can click on it to verify website security.

November Photo Contest 2013

by Team Car Stickers Decals

Enter this month's Photo Contest to win a $100 Gift Certificate to One lucky random winner will be chosen November 29th. 08:00am PST. (Black Friday) Submit a photo of your decals and stickers installed to Enter as many times as you like. All submissions must be entered by 11/28/13 Midnight.

Drawing= November 29th. 8:00am PST. (Black Friday)

Winner will be posted here and on Facebook / Twitter


Golf Cart

RC Plane

Decals Installation Problems

by Team Car Stickers Decals

If you are having problems installing your stickers and decals. Lets start off by saying "Read Your Directions". Just about everyone that calls us upset and is have problems installing their decal don't start off by reading their directions. Key Points:

1.) Do not install your new decals below 50 degrees outside. If its cold out side use a hairdryer to warm up the glass (or other surface) first. Prep your surface. Clean -Clean - Clean

2.) Take your time. Some designs have a lot of detail. Take your time separating the backing paper from the transfer tape. Keeping the decal on the transfer tape. If the decal is wanting to stay on the backing paper press it back down on the transfer tape and peel slowly. This may take some time.

3.) Line your decal up on the surface and apply it. If its a larger decal use some water with alcohol in it. Spray down the surface. Apply the decal right on the water. This will allow you to better position the decal and to ensure you get all the bubbles out. Take a squeegee or credit card and make sure to get out all the air bubbles and or water spray. If using water make sure you squeegee out all of it. The vinyl is pressure sensitive. It takes pressure to activate the acrylic enamel to stick the decal. Again if its cold use a hair dryer to keep your work area warm.

4.) Now peel the transfer tape slowly. If the decal is wanting to come back off with the transfer tape squeegee the decal back down onto the surface. (If using water make sure you squeegee out all the water) Now apply water to the top side of the transfer tape and allow it to soak thru to the decal. The transfer tape has a releasing agent that when wet will allow the transfer tape to be removed easier.

90% of the time the problems our customers encounter during their decal installation is they don't follow the directions.. Either they don't clean the surface good enough or they try to install the decal in below freezing temperatures.

And most of all take your time.

We are currently working on some installation videos to help also.. Team

New Products Added...

by Team Car Stickers Decals

We have just added thousands of new stickers and decals. We added to both Religious Stickers and Sports Stickers. No other site offer the vast selection as We are also adding a Zombie Sticker category. Since thats all the craze right now with people eating eachother in the news and movies. We expanded our Sports Stickers to include many new sporting cultures like mountain climbing stickers and skateboarding stickers. Our new and improved Religious stickers now includes 12 new sub categories like christian stickers and prayer stickers. Be sure to make time and browse thru all our new stuff. And if you don't see what you like just contact us and we'll get it for you.


HI, Yes we can go much larger than a 4". Most of our decals start at 4" and can go up to 24" at the largest point. If you have a certain size you are needing please let us us know we do custom sizing as well. Thank you.
Hi, I would like to know if I can order the same stickers in a bigger size? 4” y’all? Thanks
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