Welcome to Car Stickers Decals Referral Program.

You can refer friends and family to shop at Car Stickers Decals and earn $$ to use towards your own orders. On your Profile Details page you are given a link that you can use to post in Emails, Forums, Facebook and other social media outlets. As others use your link to shop at CarStickersDecals.com you will earn $4 for the first order of every customer you refer. There's no limit on how much you can earn.

Copy and paste your link in as many places as you can. This increases your chances to earn more $ to spend here at CarStickersDecals.com

Where to paste your link (Ideas)

-Emails to friends and family

-Facebook (post telling your friends to shop at CarStickersDecals.com)


-Forums (See someone asking about decals - Send them here)

-Blog (Blog about us and earn even more)

How To Get Your Link:

First log-in and then view your Profile Details Page. Accessible under my account top of page.

Towards the bottom of your Profile Details page you will see your Referral Link or have a green button to click to generate your link.


Everyone should do this. Just get your link and post it on Facebook. Thats all I did and I've been getting about $20 a month in credits. It's a great program.
What a great program. Everyone should do this. All I did was post my link on my facebook and a couple forums I frequent and instantly I've been earning around $50 a month.. Thank You Car Stickers Decals
This is great. You bet I will be sharing my link.
I've posted my link in a few places and have already earned $20 in store credit. One of the better incentive programs. Keep up the great work Car Stickers Decals. I'll be telling everyone about you guys.
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