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The "SIZE" selected will be the largest dimension of the decal. If the design is text, the size is NOT the height of the letters, but overall width.
Remember "BLACK" or dark colors do not show up on tinted windows. What you see that is black in the design will be the color you chose. Nothing is present where you see white.
Silver Color Sample White Color Sample Black Color Sample Matte Black Color Sample Grey Color Sample Beige Color Sample Gold Color Sample Orange Color Sample Teal Color Sample Sky Blue Color Sample Vivid Blue Color Sample Brilliant Blue Midnight Blue Color Sample Yellow Color Sample Cherry Red Color Sample Burgundy Color Sample Purple Color Sample Pink Color Sample Light Green Color Sample Yellow Green Color Sample Forest Green Color Sample Brown Color Sample Carbon Fiber Color Sample Chrome Color Sample Diamond Plate Color Sample Etched Glass Color Sample
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Flip Image Facing Left or Right. Text will not be inverted. If ordering 2 decals select "Invert 1 of 2" and be sure to add quantitiy of 2 to the shopping cart.
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Thank you for your interest in our Eeyore Sticker. We offer the Eeyore Sticker in a variety of colors and sizes. If you don’t see the color choice or size you are looking for please give us a call. The Eeyore Sticker will be cut from 5 year high quality Oracal 651 Vinyl.

Being this decal is die-cut everything you see as black in the design will be the color you choose and all the white space is just that, empty space. (Nothing There) These are not your cheap printed decals with clear backgrounds. They are high precision die-cut with all the background removed by hand.

We do not recommend Black as a color choice if you are placing your decals on a tinted window as it will not show up. Usually white, silver, and other bright colors are preferred.

We warranty the Eeyore Sticker for a full 5 years from date of purchase free from any peeling, cracking, or fading. This includes all basic colors. Specialty vinyl is warrantied for 3 years. (ie. carbon fiber, chrome, ultra metallic silver, diamond plate).

We also offer bulk quantity discounts on all our decals even the Eeyore Sticker. And if you are interested in a larger quantity than listed don’t hesitate to call us for a quote.

For more information on sizing and color please view other tabs above. Also please review the Installation Instructions before applying your Eeyore Sticker. An instructions sheet will be provided with your order.

Sizing is based off the longest side of the decal. For instance for a 10" decal we take the longest side whether it be the width or height and we will make that side an equal distance of 10". If the decal you’re looking at has multiple images they will be considered one decal. If you need to know the exact dimensions of the sticker just use the contact us form and we will get you that information. You may also request a specific size to fit your needs. Just email us which design you’re looking at and the dimensions you would like us to cut it at. Due to some or our decals having a high amount detail and also adding your custom text it is up to Car Stickers Decals discretion to cut some decals a little larger never exceeding the next size up. If you are needing an exact size please notify us either within the order notes or send us an email stating so. We always cut our decals 1/4" over to start.

Size Example

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Fliping Image Facing Left or Right. Text will not be inverted.

If ordering 2 decals one facing each direction, you must add one of each to your shopping cart or select "Invert 1 of 2 under the options.

Color Samples:

White Color Black Color Silver Color Grey Color
Beige Color Gold Color Yellow Color

Sky Blue Color Midnight Blue Color Vivid Blue Color Cherry Red Color

Burgundy Red Color Purple Color Pink Color Light Green

Forest Green Color Brown Color Ultra Metallic Silver Color Mirror Chrome Color

Black Carbon Fiber Color Etched Glass Color

You should read these instructions all the way through before starting. The surface must be clean, and free of all oils, waxes and dirt. We suggest using Cleaners such as Windex or we recommend 1 part isopropyl alcohol to 5 parts mixture of water. If you use rainx, try formula 409 to remove it. Once the surface has been cleaned take a lint free towel and wipe down any extra liquid. These decals come to you in three layers. The top layer is called transfer tape. It looks somewhat like regular masking tape. The middle layer is the actual decal. The bottom layer is a backing paper that the decal will peel off of once applied to the surface. Since our decals are adhesive based it highly recommendable to apply your decals in a temperature over 55 degrees Fahrenheit, if you are needing to warm up the area a blow dryer or heat gun will work perfectly.


Once the Decal touches the glass or paint, it cannot be moved again!      


Appling Small to Medium Decals – Sizes 4” – 8” 

1.   Place sticker face up on table or hard surface. Use squeegee, credit card or driver’s license. Rub over surface. This will ensure the decal will stick to application tape when removing the backing.

2.   Clean surface (outside of window) using window cleaner and preferably alcohol. Allow to dry.

3.   Leaving the decal face down carefully & slowly remove backing. If some of decal sticks to backing, re-attach and repeat step 1.

4.   Apply decal from inward to outward. Once your decal touches the surface it will stick so you will want to ensure your decal is on straight. We suggest you mark the area with a piece of tape or removable marker.

5.   With a squeegee, credit card or driver’s license, rub once Again. This will ensure decal will stay on window (or surface area applying it to) and all air bubbles have been removed.

6.   Carefully remove application tape. Pull the tape back over itself. If bubbles appear, squeeze them out to the edge using a credit card or firm edge squeegee.  

Wet Transfer Method:  Decals sizes 10" and larger

1.   Clean surface (outside of window) using window cleaner or preferably alcohol. Wipe surface with a lint free rag or towel.

2.   Have your spray bottle with water only ready.

3.   Place decals face down on flat surface and separate the backing paper from the adhesive (side with decal) pull up a corner of the backing tape take a piece of tape and place on the one corner  pull the backing paper away from the adhesive (side with decal). Pull the backing paper back directly upon itself at an angle of 180°. As you begin pulling the backing paper back, begin to spray the exposed adhesive (side with decal) with the water using the spray bottle. Be careful to not allow dirt or other contaminants to get on the adhesive (side with decal). Do not let the adhesive touch anything but the glass on which is to be installed.

4.   Spray the entire surface of the glass with the water using the spray bottle.

5.   Position the decal onto the glass. Beginning in the center and top of the decal, squeegee the wet application fluid and air from underneath the surface of the decal to the right edge of the glass. Now squeegee from the center and top of the decal to the left edge of the glass. Always squeegee the trapped air and water to the nearest edge.

6.   Once you have removed the trapped air and the water you want to carefully remove the application tape, pull the tape back over itself. This will leave only your decal on the surface.

      7.  Carefully take your lint free towel and whip away any water left.
TIP:: If you are have problems removing the transfer tape.. Spray water on it and allow to soak in. The transfer tape has a releasing agent that once the water soaks thru will allow the tape to be easily removed.
The full adhesive strength of the decal will take several hours to several days to adhere, depending on the amount of water that was removed during the squeegee process and on the temperature of the environment in which the glass is stored. Please use caution when handling the glass with the decals applied. Any small air bubbles will work out within a few days up to a week depending on the temperature the warmer the temperatures the faster they will work out and the better the adhesive will stick. If you are still seeing air bubbles you are able to take a fine tip needle and puncher a small hole in the air bubble and carefully ease the air bubble out through the hole.
In colder climates, Decals on windows of vehicles can be damaged by the scraping of frost or ice from the windows. Mild window cleaner may be used to clean the windows without damage to the Decal. On painted surfaces of vehicles, care must be taken when waxing. Wax will build up around the edges of the Decal, and will need to be removed. Use a soft cloth, and take your time, and be gentle. A brush, for example will force the wax underneath the edge of the Decal, and the Decal will begin to peel. The Decal will not be damaged by normal use of automotive car wash products, or water. Although the decals will withstand pressure washers, and automatic car washes, These will reduce the life and appearance of the Decal. The Decals will not last forever, but will give many years of service if taken care of.
Removing Vinyl Decals:
On glass surfaces, with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees F, a razor blade scraper can be used. Decals can be removed from painted surfaces by using a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the Decal to appoint where it peels off easily. The application of this vinyl Decal requires a degree of dexterity, and concentration. If you feel you cannot apply this Decal yourself, any auto detailer, or body shop can apply it for you. We cannot be responsible for replacing Decals that have been damaged during application.
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