Great quality, fast shipping. The only this is the motorcycle I chose allowed you to add text but the text printed really small and can barely read it, an option for text size would have been nice. But overall I like it.
I was pleased to see my order an feel that it looks really good on the window of my vehicle. I will be ordering from you again soon.
I just LOVE my fairy decal. I wanted it for a sign I'm making to put in my fairy garden. It worked out perfectly! These decals are not only for cars but for all sorts of things you just want to personalize and make your own. It came fast too!
Excellent company to deal with. Excellent product!
Great Idea for birthdays etc. Reasonable price and delivery.
I have yet to receive the decals that I ordered, but I thought I would leave a review anyway. Depending on the order size, I understand that it may take a while for delivery but it's been over two weeks since I first placed the order and I have not received them in the mail yet. They should've arrived last Friday, as per the USPS tracking information, but did not. Estimates on dates for delivery would be helpful to let customers know how long they may need to wait for their packages. The listed "2-3 Business Days" is not very reassuring. More like 2-14 business days. (Car Stickers Decals): Very sorry for the delay in your order. Unfortunately the post office delivery problems are out of our control. On average all priority shipping deliveries are delivered within the 2-3 day time frame.
I applied the eagle decals as directed yet, even after much attention with the nylon scraper, both decals had small accent pieces which refused to adhere, They were minor, free floating pieces and did not detract from the overall quality of the decal. They look great.
Great decal. I got a large (18" diameter) Alien decal for the spare tire cover on my daughter's Rav4. I brought it inside to warm up and applied it per the directions included with the decal. I was able to get most of the bubbles (air & water) out but am keeping the cover in the house for the next few days to let the remaining small bubbles work themselves out (it's in the 20s & 30s here so I need the warmth of the house to help it set).

My daughter absolutely loves the decal!

awesome stickers fast service look really nice on my vehicle thank you I will order again from you in the future
The decal looks great! The only gripe I have is that the lead time to receive the decal was a bit long in my opinion. I don't know if it had to do with the holidays. The quality of the product is excellent.
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