just what i expected great job thanks david
Its perfect my dad will love it!
fantastic work
Just what I needed to personalize my kayak. I couldn't be happier.
Everything was great, but the shipping could be a little quicker. Other than that, great experience. Will do sticker shopping here!
Decal turned out awesome! Bought the "Frozen Snot is a Fashion Statement" decal and it is holding up great to the poor weather here in Utah. Will definately buy here again.
"Awesome, they look perfect on my car! I will be back to order more!"
High quality stickers, super fast shipping. Great all around service and very good products.
recieved my stickers within 2days of mailing the check to them yes i used a check. people asked who painted the design on the back of my exterra, nissan love the size and design. love the designs i bought for my husband deer hunter expert he loved it so that night grabbed the spray bottle and cleaned the window and put his sticker on that night it came thank u J
I feel like the size of the sticker wasn't represented very well. I bought a 6 inch sticker and it was 3x6. I guess I was expecting 6 inches to be the smallest dimension.

Also, when applying the sticker, some of it wouldn't separate from the backing paper, so the sticker doesn't look as good as it could have.
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