Elklhorn Mountains


Here at Car Stickers Decals we are a family owned and operated business. We are located in Eastern Oregon just outside of Baker City, at the base of the Elkhorn Mountian range. Home to some of the best Elk and Deer hunting west of the Mississippi. But lets just keep that our little secret.

Genie and Jay

Genie (Owner, Co-Founder) Genie is our master designer. She's is our creative genius fully mastering all aspects of Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator. She can take anyones idea and turn it into reality. Genie manages our day to day customer sales and support along with heading our production team. Genie's Graphic Design skills are unmatched in our industry.

Jay (Operations Mgr, Co-Founder) Jay handles all aspects of our daily operations. He's a web design master who has created and maintained our website and webservers since we started in 2009. Jay oversees all our day to day operations including web design, web server maintenance, search engine marketing, on-site SEO, social media and customer analytics. It's Jay's extensive background and knowledge in internet technologies that has brought Car Stickers Decals to being the best and largest Car Decal Website on the net. 


Makayla (The Apprentice) Makayla is currently learning all aspects of our business economics. She has been learning everything from general operations to purchasing. She even has some crazy ideas from time to time.

 Jacob and Jordan

Jacob and Jordan (Future Apprentices) Just crazy all the time.